Hello World!

Welcome to the personal blog of Darren singleton, there’s more about me available on the about page.

This blog has been through numerous iterations over the years and served a variety of purposes. From this post onwards, it serves mainly as a repository for my reading logs. Records of books I have read and a place for me to keep track of my books read, favourite authors and lists of books completed or books I intend to consume at a later date.

My interest in reading only really sparked at the start of 2018. Prior to this, I had read books here and there, but the number of books I consumed in a year was typically less than 5.

In 2018 I read 18 books, in 2019 it was 28 books (though some were admittedly rather short). At the time of writing, I have 27 books finished for 2020 so far, with 5 weeks still remaining.

My next two posts will be the list of books completed in both of those years (2018 & 2019) and these will tie-in nicely to my complete list that will be posted as a constantly-update page and linked to at the top of the blog.